Back from the Silence

I did it again. I started a blog and then let it slip to the back of my mind. But in fairness I have been awfully busy. I graduated from University with a 2.1, I started a new job as a marketing exec and I moved into a house with my boyfriend. But now dust is beginning to settle a little bit, I now have more routine in my life and so this blog is back online. I feel kind of glad to be out of university, I feel free now. I want to start my own business and so I’m spending a lot of my free time doing that. It’s going to be a website that offers freelance creative content services to anyone for any purpose. So watch this space and hopefully it will be live within the next month. Website designing is a pain in the arse. I never knew how long and tedious it was. Does anyone know of any decent website builders? I’m currently using the GoDaddy builder and it’s as advanced as paint. People have suggested using WordPress to build it, so that may be my next port of call. My business idea came from wanting to be a freelance writer, and I started talking about this to my friends a lot of whom also studied English at university and were also just as interested. Then I started thinking some more and realised that I had quite a strong network of really talented creative types. Photographers, graphic designers, writers… so I thought why not make a website that combined all these services? I’ve never ran a business in my life, I’ve never even thought about it to be honest. But if I can make a way for myself and people like me to work in their own space, at their own pace and earn money… then well wouldn’t that be wonderful? Maybe it will be great success, maybe it will flop. But I might as well try. So here’s to trying, it’s more fun than letting life walk all over you.


One thought on “Back from the Silence

  1. Websites can definitely be a pain. Your best bet, if you want full control, is to install WordPress.org wherever you are hosting. It seems like you’ve already paid for hosting on GoDaddy, so I would look up tutorials on how to install it on there. They may even have a simple button that will automatically install it, as a lot of hosting sites have.

    I was really short on cash when I started my new website, so I went with Squarespace to set it up. They both host and have a web builder. It’s nice, makes the building process/podcast hosting pretty easy and only has a monthly payment as opposed to most hosting services upfront year payment, but you won’t get nearly as much freedom as you would on WordPress with it’s huge array of layouts and plugins. Squarespace does, however, make it extremely easy to set up a shop that might come in handy if you are selling freelance writing services.

    If you want to see how mine came out after about two weeks of tinkering on Squarespace, you can check it out here: http://www.readwritedie.com

    Hope that helps and good luck with the new career/website!

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