What Age Is

Often people try to detatch themselves from their age because each age has alleged limitations in some way or another. It is true that age does not determine the amount of experience you’d had in your life, your ‘wisdom’ however that can be defined, or your intelligence. I think a lot people talk about what age isn’t about, so what is it about?

It’s less about the individual you are, and I think, more about how you fit into the larger society. An obvious statement being that people tend to spend more time, or be close people their own age. Quiten often, people that we know outside of our own age range are due to family or work connections. Of course I’m not saying that this is true for everyone, in every sense, but there are obvious trends. Clear differences between how 13 year olds like to spend their saturdays to 50 year olds.

Age places us in a bracket. It’s a way of making general assumptions about a group of people. Not just based on knowledge, but social role. When I go into bars and restaurants, most of the employees are young. When I went to University, most of the lecturers were older. I’m saying we should make judgements on people based on age, but notice that there are correlations. It’s these sorts of trends that dictate different kinds of advertising for different products. Just compare the kinds of holidays aimed at 18-30 year olds, to a resort for 50+.

So, no, age is not just a number. But it says something about you, your identity. But does not determine the individual. Just as you ethnicity, or beliefs do not define who you are, but are still all vital parts of who you are.



5 Things I’ve Learnt in Marketing

Hello all. I started a new job in marketing about a month ago and I’ve previously had experience in similar roles so thought I would share some of the stuff that I’ve learnt about marketing. In University I studied English with Creative Writing and I most enjoy writing poetry. Plus I’m currently working on a novel, but more on that in another post. So anyone that wants to get into marketing, you do not need a marketing degree. All employers care about it that you have a degree and experience. Do as much unpaid work experience as you can. Placements and internships look great on your CV and give you something to talk about in an interview. Personally, I am most interested in copywriting, however these positions are near impossible to get if you don’t have actual experience. So marketing was the best choice to get my foot in the door. It’s the kind of career where you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. But also fun, because you get to be creative every day đŸ™‚ So here are my five things that I’ve learnt during my time in marketing.

1. You don’t have to be an expert to write like an expert. Often copywriting projects require technical knowledge on a specific topic. For example, during my placement at Invest In Nottingham I was given the task of producing a B2B brochure detailing the benefits of businesses in the engineering and technology sectors investing capital in the city. Being able to copywrite does not require knowing a lot about everything, just knowing how to source and regurgitate material to a high standard. Often before even starting a piece, a significant amount of time is needed to research thoroughly. So, anyone that is thinking of going into marketing, be prepared to have to read a lot of material quite quickly and be able to pull out the relevant information. Find a system that works for you, but be thorough and be organised. I make a lot of lists, I find they help me organise my mind. Plus I take great pleasure in ticking things off one by one.

2. Love the internet. The internet is an incredible invention that has had a phenomenal effect on culture, and more interestingly, language. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. If you want to be in marketing you will have to be completely comfortable in the world of social media. Learn about hashtags, SEO, what to post, when to post. Read a few articles but then try it out. The best way to learn is to simply play around on these sites. But it doesn’t end there. Website, photo editing and graphic designing knowledge may also help. The more creative skills you have, the better you’ll be. Learn about infographics too, they are awesome.

3. Confidence. 90% of marketing is confidence. Whether you’re talking people face to face, writing an email or designing an advertisement, always believe what you’re saying. If you go for an interview, the employer is expecting you to be certain of yourself, even if you’re scared and you hate interviews. Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys interviews. But if you have confidence in yourself then other people will have confidence in you. So that’s a simple one really.

4. Be everyone’s friend. In marketing, you never know when you might need specialist knowledge or service. The more people in your loop you can call upon for help, the better. Be there for other people too if they are in need, the more you help others the more they will help you. Plus, marketing is such a social role you need to be able to be comfortable with anyone. Don’t be shy. If you go to a networking event, make sure to make the rounds. It’s quality, not quantity, and I mean in terms of what you say. Make an impression, give them your card and smile. You want them to remember you, you want them to want to speak to you again. So if you’re boring or shy you will be just another generic face.

5. Always have a notebook. Okay, so this is a writer’s habit I have anyway, but still. You never know, you might be out on a casual stroll one Sunday evening through the town and see some magnificent piece of marketing work. Scribble it down. Or maybe you’re dozing in the armchair, stroking your cat and an idea springs to mind of how you can give that mail shot an extra punch. Always, always, always, write down your ideas. Maybe they will be useless, but I find that when I read through them, they inspire better ideas. So always write things down, because most likely the harder you try to remember, the more you forget. The way I see it is, your mind’s power is best spent on creating, not storing. Leave the storage to something physical. If you don’t want to carry a notebook, there are hundred of note apps these days that you can download for free on your phone. I use Evernote somewhat, but nothing beats actual paper in my opinion.

I hope this has been insightful for some of you thinking of going into marketing. I’m no where near an expert, I’m still young and new to the game but these are my thoughts so far. Agree or disagree with any of my ideas? Let me know in the comment section đŸ™‚

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Back from the Silence

I did it again. I started a blog and then let it slip to the back of my mind. But in fairness I have been awfully busy. I graduated from University with a 2.1, I started a new job as a marketing exec and I moved into a house with my boyfriend. But now dust is beginning to settle a little bit, I now have more routine in my life and so this blog is back online. I feel kind of glad to be out of university, I feel free now. I want to start my own business and so I’m spending a lot of my free time doing that. It’s going to be a website that offers freelance creative content services to anyone for any purpose. So watch this space and hopefully it will be live within the next month. Website designing is a pain in the arse. I never knew how long and tedious it was. Does anyone know of any decent website builders? I’m currently using the GoDaddy builder and it’s as advanced as paint. People have suggested using WordPress to build it, so that may be my next port of call. My business idea came from wanting to be a freelance writer, and I started talking about this to my friends a lot of whom also studied English at university and were also just as interested. Then I started thinking some more and realised that I had quite a strong network of really talented creative types. Photographers, graphic designers, writers… so I thought why not make a website that combined all these services? I’ve never ran a business in my life, I’ve never even thought about it to be honest. But if I can make a way for myself and people like me to work in their own space, at their own pace and earn money… then well wouldn’t that be wonderful? Maybe it will be great success, maybe it will flop. But I might as well try. So here’s to trying, it’s more fun than letting life walk all over you.