Blog Test

A new blog, again – I’ve started blogs before and never managed to keep them going but this time I am determined! I want a place to write more about the kinds of stuff I read and what I think about it. I’m also really interested into the the production side of writing and how we read the stuff we do. Such as this whole blogging culture that has sprung – most of the reading we do these days is on screens, a real touch-the-page book is a kind of a novelty. Lit-blogs in particular, there is an abundance of them. I don’t just want to write, but read too. See what’s out there, because I’ve never really delved in too far.

I recently joined twitter (maybe a bit late jumping on the bandwagon?) and there seems to be swarms of good, interesting, well-written blogs being posted every day. A constant flow. And I’m sure there are some bad ones too. But quite frankly I feel like I’ve been missing out a bit so this is me joining the forum. Plus it’s good habit to keep me writing every day, so I may post about progression in my own work as well.

It’s spring, so that’s a good time for beginings. The days a longer and productivity feels higher. And with the last of my degree drawing to a close in just a short space of time, and ‘real life’ looming ahead, hopefully this blog will keep me reading and writing, keep me grounded šŸ™‚




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